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Originally Posted by Nixie3k10 View Post
Thank you very much on helping me with this. I will need some more help later on after I get this downloaded. I will let you know when I have it downloaded and installed on the usb. I am not verry good at the CLI commands. I will try my best.

Nixie3k10 aka Daniel Hallett

P.S. Do you mind me adding you as one of my contacts here on these forums?
Also can you give me the link to the same file but for the torrent as I prefer using torrent links?
I tried installing this on a usb stick but it keeps saying that the file could not be found. I am on a macbook 5,1. I would like help installing this on a usb from the mac. I have burned a cd of the file on my mac but I need help as to what to do. Should I boot the cd and install it on the usb from the cd after boot up?
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