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derkeon 02-26-2013 07:01 PM

Gnome 2
Im currently a linux user and want to try out PCBSD
I see that it said that gnome 3 isnt ported yet !! great !!

I dont want to use gnome 3 and want to stay with gnome 2 so heres the question's ...

1 ) will gnome 2 be supported or just junked when gnome 3 is ported ?
2 ) will you be forced to upgrade when its ported and you do an update/upgrade ?

3 ) and if gnome 2 will always be supported or availible as a desktop environment in PCBSD while a lot of applications require gtk3 I was woundering is the gnome 2 being maintained by PCBSD community and if or are libaries being ported to work with gtk3 applications
or is the gnome 2.32 desktop just a standard gnome desktop with no support or porting ?

as you can gather Im not a fan of unity !!!!


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