View Full Version : bootloader problems

10-08-2007, 05:05 AM
I've been using pcbsd since before version 1.0 and never had any problems but this one has me stumped. So stumped in fact it caused me to join the forums to see if anyone else has had this problem. I've searched the forums and checked the knowledgebase. Cannot find anything on this.

My problem is this-

I am dual booting windows with pcbsd on one sata hdd. Im using the pcbsd bootloader. I install windows first, then pcbsd. I have used this setup many times in the past and never had a problem. Bootloader comes up asks f1 for dos or f2 for bsd. This time however, I add a second pata drive and the bootloader totally flips out. After I did that the boot menu now says press f1 for dos f5 for other harddrive with no options for anything else. the default listed is also totally messed up. If I wait the windows install will eventually load. I tried reinstalling pcbsd and after I complete a pcbsd install it reboots and i get the options of f1 for dos, f2 for bsd, f5 for other hdd. I figure awesome problem solved. But once I reboot it is totally messed up again, the bsd option totally disappears, and NOTHING will boot. I tried removing the drive and rebooting. Nothing once its messed up. For now as a work around I have removed the other drive and reinstalled pcbsd again on a single drive. No problem works great.

Also note all my bios settings are fine. Nothing odd or out of place. bios is set to boot to the correct drive etc etc. All the hardware is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im considering using the windows bootloader now cause I need that second drive and really dont want to have to bring up another pc just to act as a server for it.