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08-25-2005, 05:50 PM
Hello All: I am very new both to BSD and to Windows, having used a MAC most of my computing life. Before i happily put the BSD 0.7.8 CD that i just "bought" into my "new" windows 98 machine (which works very well) i need anwers to a couple of javascript:emoticon(':?')questions (at least).

1. Windows 98 on the machine has been installed on C: and D: of a 20GB HD. Do i need a program like SoftPartitions to keep from wiping out my Windows programs. Or should i just try to connect an external drive and copy them?

C: has 3,699,076 free; D: has 15,325,208K free (systems resource report, most of which i don't understand)

2. The machine appears to be adequate for BSD and LINUX. It is a Dell Dimension with a Pentium II 450 (overclocked to 700). RAM is, i think, 128MB. (It is amazing the the above-mentioned System Resource Report doesn't list it; Macs have a System Profiler which clearly identifies, almost, everything.) It has a CD R/RW drive which i should learn to write to. I use a dialup connection. (that's more a statement than the question: is this OK?)

I found the Installation Instructions which accompanied the disk very clear, but the item "4. After the partition is finished formatting.......??!!!" stopped me from attempting to use it. I also printed and have read the very clear step by step procedure on this site. But nothing is said about "before even attempting this installation". I think that should be part of the instructions.

Bottom line, for now is that I don't want to wipe out the Windows system and have to reinstall it. I have installed YDL LINUX 3.0 on two Mac machines, but don't use it because of its limitations (e.g. can't use Macromedia Flash, etc.). Besides the MAC OS is much superior in ease of use.

p.s. This is being written from a G3 Mac on OS X (10.2.8). Browser is Firefox.


08-25-2005, 07:30 PM
You will indeed need a program to create blank space on your hard drive(a seperate partition) D: would be the obvious choice since you have the most free space there. You can right click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and select properties, it should tell you how much ram is detected. You should have no problem installing to that partition you create(again it should be partition magic or some other software that can non-destructively resize and create a new free partition). If for some reason it installs and you can't boot don't panic..just get on your mac and drop another post and someone will be able to help you. I too am a Mac User Dual G4 1.0 ghz half gig ram. I run dual boot Kubuntu on it..I think you will like PCBSD much better than linux..that is just my opinion... Good luck!