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02-25-2007, 08:22 PM
While we were at the FreeBSD booth at the SCALE show in Los Angeles last month, we had Second Life running on
FreeBSD box. It seemed to attract quite a bit of attention and I thought I'd share how easy it was to get running on PC-BSD.

Since Second Life is a Linux binary, FreeBSD can run it natively using the Linux ABI.

Here's a screenshot. I look far cooler in real life!

On with the show!

Second Life on PC-BSD

Started with a fresh 1.3 install of PC-BSD
Upgraded to 1.3.3 automatically
Installed Nvidia 9746 PBI for my GeForce 5300

If you don't have the current FreeBSD ports tree installed, as root type:
#portsnap fetch update

Once finished:
#portsnap extract

Download the Linux Second Life client and save to your home directory:

Extract the Second Life client in your home directory:

%tar xjf SecondLife_i686_1_13_3_2.tar.bz2

On your system,try to run the Second Life binary at that point. It might just work straightaway. If it doesn't just pay attention to the errors it's giving, as it'll let you know exactly what it's looking for in order to run.

Yo only need to add these if you see it complaining about not having them:

#cd /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/linux-gtk2/ && make install clean
#cd /usr/ports/devel/linux-sdl12/ && make install clean
#cd /usr/ports/graphics/linux-libGLU/ && make install clean

Now you're ready to run Second Life. The graphics requirements are a little bit steep so make sure you're at 32 bit

%cd ~/SecondLife_i686_1_13_3_2

01-24-2008, 04:10 AM
(Fixed so Ignore Below)
i reintalled a different Driver


Well i seem to have everything working but seondlife wont work
it is telling me about the 32 bit graphics

i had installed a nvidia graphics driver this morning
i have a geoforce 5500 256 agp 8x card

When i used Ubuntu i had to comment and uncomment out certain lines
and i got it working

Not sure how to set this to 32 bit as im still a PC-BSD puppy