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Default New Microsoft Office Alternative for FreeBSD Needs Support
Kingsoft WPS Office is a qt-based comprehensive office suite that provides you with the ability to perform a wide array of tasks related to the creation, editing and display of text documents, slideshows and data tables. This software package offers three distinct components, namely Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheets, each with their individual purpose and numerous functions.

Kingsoft WPS Office adopts a new and modern interface with many outstanding features such as a professional PDF converter, an advanced paragraph adjustment tool and intuitive table operation. Moreover, it has a greatly-improved compatibility with Microsoft Office both 2003 and 2007 formats compared to LibreOffice.

The initial work for porting this into FreeBSD is in progress, but the authors need your support just to keep them motivated. Please visit their website and maybe help them if you find this software will be useful.

Key Features:
  • Very small file size for full featured suite compared to another office suite
  • Highly compatible with MS Office (97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013), it means you can seamless open, edit and save as both office 2003 and 2007 formats.
  • Advanced paragraph adjustment tool.
  • Intuitive table operation.
  • Multiple tabs on the interface.
  • Create multiple hyperlinks at one time in Spreadsheets
  • Automatic spell check
  • Set encryption for your documents
  • Convert office documents to PDF format
  • Directly send files as email attachments
  • Tons of free PPT templates.

Q: Why does my formula show incorrectly?
A: Formula is made of mostly symbols, KSO does not carry the copyrighted fonts necessary to show these symbols, such as symbol, wingdings, webdings... You can get the fonts yourself here.

Q: Missing fonts on startup?
A: See above. ^_^

Q: Does Kingsoft office plan to support odf?
A: The current development team just don't have many developers to support odf. This post has more information on that.

Q: Do the development team plan to provide 64-bit packages in the future?
A: Yes, they plan to provide x64 support. However their code is ported from windows using the old COM style so it's hard to support x64. Hopefully a x64-version will be released by the end of the year. But a definite time is hard to predict. This post is the last news about x64 version.

Q: What license is Kingsoft Office under?
A: KSO for Linux is not an independent product. The development team are also not an independent group. Meanwhile they can public some non-core code and resource, but the core component still property by Kingsoft Corporation Limited. See here for more.

Cannot find what you need? Try forum here.

Source Code:

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I have used KingSoft on Linux and found it to be a very powerful collection of productivity tools. KingSoft handles images in documents better than LibreOffice does and, in other areas, is pretty solid as an office suite. So I would definitely like to see KingSoft ported to FreeBSD/PC-BSD.

My two concerns with KingSoft are:
1. It is closed source. I try to use only open source software where I can.
2. KingSoft has a word processor, spread sheet and presentation app, but no database tool, drawing app or e-mail client. Such additional tools would make KingSoft much more competitive when compared to MS-Office or OpenOffice.
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RyanBram (05-08-2014)
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Collaboration between Kingsoft and Calligra would be something interesting. Both use Qt and the latter also has a database and drawing tool.
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RyanBram (05-15-2014)
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Default Thanks
Thanks for the heads-up. I had never heard of them and have found most of the Linux offerings, so far, mildly lacking.
It is good to have something that on first impression seems to be so well polished, GPL based or BSD licensed, either will work for me.

Actually I greatly prefer something that avoids the GPL, come to think of it, so this is a double bonus as far as I'm concerned.

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RyanBram (05-15-2014)
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Originally Posted by thnewguy View Post
I have used KingSoft on Linux and found it to be a
2. KingSoft has a word processor, spread sheet and presentation app, but no database tool, drawing app or e-mail client. Such additional tools would make KingSoft much more competitive when compared to MS-Office or OpenOffice.

No big deal, use thunderbird.

At work I have a windows 7 machine with outlook and I quit using it when I couldn't get line wrapping set on incoming mail. Thunderbird is very cool and has some cool add-ons. I don't missing outlook at all.
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Default SoftMaker FreeOffice does a better job
I like the modern user interface of Kingsoft Office, but behind the nice curtain it has too much oddities. Some examples?

Excel files saved with MS Excel lose date format ( is opened as mm/dd/yyyy). You can reformat the cells but this is a tedious task if you have lots of files. Even if you modify date format, in the edit cell/formula field (up in the toolbar) the date is still written in the m/d/y format - completelly ignoring OS-level regional settings and locale. And the Spreadsheet ignores the locale/regional setting regarding decimal comma or point.

More? Insert / overtype apparently not working. Many fields from MS WORD don't work, such as File name (in document's footer - it's not updating and if trying force update errors invalid bookmark; it's just the file name - what could be missing? XLS and DOC won't print from Win XP. Font rendering is pathetic. Ui and dictionaries only English/Chinese. And much more.

Compatibility with Microsoft Office is superior to LibreOffice / OpenOffice, but however, almost every xml file has screwed up formatting though.

I would strongly recommend SoftMaker FreeOffice instead. It's a free, feature-packed office suite that lets you open/save Microsoft Office formats faithully without any flaws in both directions. It consumes less resources and operates faster, and above all, it is totally reliable. Never had any problems.

If you want to upgrade later from SoftMaker FreeOffice to the pay-for SoftMaker Office Professional (includes eM Client 6 Professional, BasicMaker, more features and templates, free technical support etc.), you as a udser of FreeOffice pay only $40 insteda of $99 for three licenses (I did that a few months ago). You get FreeOffice for Linux and Windows:
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