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Default PCBSD7: KDE crashing all over the place..?
Still here : bad luck for you guys
Very excited by the release of v7.
Still a raw newb.

Firstly, congrats +++
From 2005 to here: wow.
Grabbed the v7 and dropped it into a VM with Workstation 6.x
10g, 656ram.
Perhaps not the ideal..

This was late last night so memory a bit foggy:
Installed from DVD: ran well, dropped the available PBIs from the installer except Opera.
7.1G for install

The boot screen and Desktop are ravishingly good to look at.
The default desktop fonts look very 'spidery'
Nice window box fonts.
Mouse slow and looked like it was getting 'bogged' down.

OK so vanilla install: started setting up and reading and adjusting.

Had multiple KDE crash handler appearances.
Couldn't even send the info via the crash handler: frozen
Cant recall exactly what I was doing each time :?
At least one crash with portsnap utility.

I am happy to reinstall and try again: is there some log that I can send?
Some screenshots?

Can I go back to v1.5 and still use the current PBIs if I want for the short term.
really looking forward to getting this up and rolling well.

heh I might be a good tester from "average joe" pov: I can break it..

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