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Default Upgrading 9.1 RC3 to Release 9.1
Hi first post here.

New to PC-BSD however 20+ year FreeBSD and 40+ BSD.

Wanted to use the upgrade stuff... (in the passed always upgraded the hard way by saving config files and just reconfiging everything including reinstalling ports or pkg_add where it worked). I'm a software engineer who work has been mostly HP and Sun (Phone company stuff). But I started my Unix work on BSD 4.1 in the late 70's. I only bring this up to explain why I'm setting system's up the way I am.

I installed PC-BSD 9.1 RC3 on two boxes went ok some hardware issues but got passed all that without mush work.

I'm using static IP's be hide a FreeBSD Rel 8.1 gateway. On my work station a lot of lib's and devel stuff gets installed. Thing like Boost and qt33 (for some tools I wrote).

Ok I tryed to upgrade to PC-BSD Release 9.1. from 9.1 RC3.

First system complained about missing unsupported meta packages the first two times I run the upgrade the third time the upgrade finished without stopping but when KDE came up I got a message "Nepomuk Semantic Desktop needs the Virtuoso RDF server to store its data, installing the Virtuoso Soprano plugin is mandatory for using Nepomuk." and all the desktop icons are missing. Not sure yet if all is well but it seems ok so far.

On the second box my work station the one I write all the software on. Got a message about missing unsupported meta packages. I had installed FVWM (WM I've used for years however willing to change).

After that I removed FVWM with the "System Manager" tryed again. This time I got as far as the reboot but after that is said that I was out of disk space which was untrue. I restored from backup but now a bunch of servers don't get started (sshd cupd & more) they run ok if I start them manually.

I read that I would need to uninstall thing that had been installed manually before upgrading, is this true? And by manually installed do you mean using the ports and/or pkg_add? And if so how do people usually deal with this? It's important to me to use best way to upgrade.

Any help???

Thx in advance...

Don 8^)
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